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Access all areas

When I first transitioned into a web team almost seven years ago, I started hearing terms that I knew were important to designers and developers, but didn’t necessarily associate with my content-based role. One of those terms was accessibility. Making the connection Before joining the wonderful world of web, I helped organise university events, such […]


Web writing: back to basics

As one of three web content editors at Jisc, much of my time is spent editing raw content into something clear, helpful and engaging. At least I hope so! Training our subject specialists Jisc has a brilliant team of subject specialists who, despite their busy roles, have been working with us to update our quick […]

Project management

Sharing the love (and our office)

Our friends at customer experience consultancy cxpartners have shared their experiences of collaborating with us on the project to redevelop the R&D section of the Jisc website. We invited the team to come and work in our offices during key stages of design development. This meant that, rather than communicating through long – and sometimes slow […]

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Notes from the future

A few highlights from my first Future of Web Design which I attended on Tuesday 8 April 2014. “the best work you do may well be on a sketch pad” Paul Adams (@Padday) claims we’re all too often restricted by current tools, parameters and what we think is in the realm of the possible. In […]


(Digital) Festival spirit

We’ve just returned from two fabulous days at the Jisc Digital Festival. As well as soaking up the atmosphere and exploring the various talks and exhibits, we’re really pleased with what we achieved. We uploaded presentations and resources from each of the sessions almost as soon as they had taken place. We gathered personal feedback […]

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Ongoing developments

As most of you know, we’re busy pushing on with phase two of the Jisc website redevelopment, which focuses on the R&D section. But while this is taking place, we’re also working hard to keep the shine on the you see now. Our wishlist We have a long list of developments for our site. […]

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Responsive in action

Thanks to Paul Stokes (@PuckOfPooksHill) for capturing this display at the recent Handheld Conference in Cardiff. Nice to see our responsive site being so… responsive!

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Sprint finish

Remember remember the month of November. I will. It’s been a busy one. And it’s not over yet. This month we’ve had an above-average number of brilliant but meaty projects come our way. There’s been new pages to represent all 21 projects to emerge from the Summer of Student Innovation. We built a hub to […]


Picture perfect

We content editors can spend whole afternoons agonising over the perfect picture for a homepage or feature. From the early stages of development we agreed that Jisc’s new website should be beautiful enough to cope without images, but where we did use them we wanted to: move away from clichéd stock photography (do you really […]


Well informed

This month, we were asked by the Jisc Inform team to reflect on our experiences of building the new site. So, for issue 37, we’ve shared our wisdom. Here are our top tips for building your college or university website. Nathalie