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Designing design systems

“A design system can create value on at least two levels. At the team level, it can create a more streamlined, predictable process that reduces design and engineering time. At the UX level it helps deliver consistency and predictability in the interface, and to raise the quality of the experience overall when designers and engineers … Read more

Becoming a sticky note master

Sticky notes are an essential piece of kit for any UX practitioner, but sometimes we can miss the simple things that are right in front of us. At a customer experience mapping workshop last year Stavros Garzonis blew my mind, showing us how we’d been peeling off sticky notes the wrong way (keep reading to find … Read more

Same seat, different role

Oh hai!! I’m Vix, the latest addition to the Jisc web team. Some of you might know me, I’ve been knocking around Jisc for a couple of years now, working in the press team and covering our internal comms work. Like Kirsty, (who beat me to it on the blog a few weeks ago) I’m … Read more

IWMW 2014 – Content strategy

If you’re heading to Newcastle later this week for IWMW 2014 then do grab me and say hello. I’ll be up there with David Cornforth running a workshop on content strategy. We’ll be looking at practical tools and steps to help you get (and keep) your content focused on the user’s (and organisation’s) needs. We’ll … Read more

Happy 1st birthday, Jisc website

We launched the current Jisc website on this day last year. My, how the time has flown. This is a little reminisce about the highlights and challenges of last year, plus a look forward to the next. Highlights Keeping it pure(ish) You know the score: you agonise over redesigning a website around user needs only … Read more

(Digital) Festival spirit

We’ve just returned from two fabulous days at the Jisc Digital Festival. As well as soaking up the atmosphere and exploring the various talks and exhibits, we’re really pleased with what we achieved. We uploaded presentations and resources from each of the sessions almost as soon as they had taken place. We gathered personal feedback … Read more

Transforming R & D

We’re about to start the next major piece of development work on the Jisc website: transforming the research and development (R&D) section. The relaunch of the website this summer focused on our ‘market-ready’ products and services, advice and corporate information. We excluded R&D from phase 1 because of the size and complexity of the current … Read more