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Bristol newbie

Hi, I’m Kirsty and I have recently joined the team as web content editor on a secondment basis. I will be with Jisc for a year working alongside Ben, Rich, Nathalie and Vix on the unified web presence project. I’m based in Wolverhampton but you can come and find me at Castlepark on Thursdays. I’m … Read more

Sprint finish

Remember remember the month of November. I will. It’s been a busy one. And it’s not over yet. This month we’ve had an above-average number of brilliant but meaty projects come our way. There’s been new pages to represent all 21 projects to emerge from the Summer of Student Innovation. We built a hub to … Read more

Picture perfect

We content editors can spend whole afternoons agonising over the perfect picture for a homepage or feature. From the early stages of development we agreed that Jisc’s new website should be beautiful enough to cope without images, but where we did use them we wanted to: move away from clichéd stock photography (do you really … Read more