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Guidelines for developing data visualisations on the web

Visualising data on the web is an elaborate task in an age where devices are multifarious, inclusive design is the responsible thing to do, and the multitude of tools and resources can become perplexing. This post describes the challenges that our team faced when working on a data visualisation project that needed to meet criteria […]

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Responsive web design (RWD)

“Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.”- Jeffrey Veen What is responsive web design? RWD is a web design technique aimed at creating sites that provide a […]

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Creating a pattern index

Following on from my previous post on taking a framework agnostic approach to documenting UI patterns I wanted to talk about creating a pattern index as a counterpart to a pattern library, or as a useful tool for anyone designing within a large web estate. The spark As with many things, an innocuous looking question […]

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Launching the pattern library

Today we launched version one of the pattern library on – a collection of 30 key user interface elements. These should allow developers to quickly bring a consistent and high quality user experience to new and existing Jisc websites. When to drop the beta tag Working out when to lose the beta label is […]

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Ongoing developments

As most of you know, we’re busy pushing on with phase two of the Jisc website redevelopment, which focuses on the R&D section. But while this is taking place, we’re also working hard to keep the shine on the you see now. Our wishlist We have a long list of developments for our site. […]

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Image info boxes

During the creation of the site lots of ideas came and went. Two of the little ones I’m pleased I pushed for were a ban on landing page carousels and the image info box. Out of stock Very early on @bash had the fantastic idea of making use of our own content on the site. We […]

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Becoming responsive

From the start, we wanted the new site design to be responsive. It was a no-brainer for us as a busy team to want to maintain one site and one set of content and not have a separate mobile site, as we had done previously. It is also a better experience for the user who […]

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Arranging the new Jisc website

The new site has to be customer focused, accessible and helpful. If we achieve this a lot will be down to the site’s information architecture – how we organised our content and what labels (eg. ‘about us’) we used to describe it. After an exploratory set of user and stakeholder interviews we came up with some […]

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Design principles for the new Jisc site

One of our first steps when we started on the new site was to jot down some guidelines and ambitions for our work. In no small part inspired by the Government Digital Service* these should help us make the right decision, and keep us from getting lost down blind-alleys: Always put people first Set the […]

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Cookie Law: who has the best recipe?

To general relief (and for some – deep frustration at wasted effort) the ICO softened their Cookie Law guidance last week around implied consent. Whether our fairly straight-forward approach on is enough we’ll have to wait and see… Becoming a cookie cutter After an Attacat Cookie Audit we stripped out our more intrusive cookies*. We […]