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The JISC Digital Communications Team blog is dead…

The JISC Digital Communications Team blog is dead. Long live the JISC Digital Communications blog.

This started out as a team blog, with the aim of keeping people up to date with our work and our thoughts. However, as digital now permeates so much of what we do as a Comms team, from events, through PR, to publishing and engagement, it makes sense to widen the scope of this blog to bring in other voices. So we are dropping the word ‘team’ – and the URL still works. Yay!

This is a good thing. My team haven’t been the most prolific bloggers so far and you might see a bit more activity on this blog from now on. So, apart from my occasional missives, you will be getting the likes of Bex and Hector documenting our journey and learnings as we move JISC Inform to a digital platform, for example.

They might even inspire me to post a little more often 🙂

By Ben Whitehouse

I'm head of web at Jisc. My team manages and other web services. I'm responsible for ensuring the overall user experience of the Jisc web estate is simple, clear and consistent

1 reply on “The JISC Digital Communications Team blog is dead…”

I look forward to the occasional post from Bex then as the idea H is going to post anything more regularly than you is unlikely ;0)

I will be following with great interest the move to a digital Inform though so I look forward to that – good luck!

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