New Jisc website – do not adjust your set

OK, we are launching the new Jisc website NOW

Bit of a complicated procedure as the site is now run from 2 platforms. We have launched part of the site on the new platform (the shiny new bit you can see at

There might be a delay until certain parts of the site running off the old platform, such as programmes, projects and publications look and work right.

Please bear with us on this. We did try to make this change out of public view at 7am this morning, but the best laid plans …

This should only be an issue for a couple of hours


The (very stressed) Jisc webbies



3 thoughts on “New Jisc website – do not adjust your set

  1. dkernohan

    These things are never smooth! But you’ve done a great job, the front page looks amazing and it really highlights how modern jisc actually is.

    Well done web team!

  2. Rob Bristow

    Having done something similar in the past, I know that it’s only when you really go live that you find what breaks. Looks good, though – much cleaner and fresher. Well done to all concerned.


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