Same seat, different role

Vix with GromitOh hai!! I’m Vix, the latest addition to the Jisc web team.

Some of you might know me, I’ve been knocking around Jisc for a couple of years now, working in the press team and covering our internal comms work.

Like Kirsty, (who beat me to it on the blog a few weeks ago) I’m joining the team on secondment for 12 months to help out with the unified web presence (UWP) project.

Although we’re yet to get stuck in to UWP from the content side of things, I’ve really enjoyed my time in the team so far, learning more about Photoshop, doing a bit of coding and rewriting copy for the site. All good practice for what’s to come, which will involve all of these skills but on a much larger scale.

Although I haven’t physically moved (I’m in my same spot next to Nathalie at One Castlepark), I’ve had to change the way I work, and mostly, the way I look at the website.

In the press team I’ve had a fair bit of dealing with the site, writing and uploading press releases and blogs. Now I’m on the other side of things, I’m much more aware of the way in which we present our content, making sure that it not only looks great but that it makes sense too.

I’m genuinely excited about the UWP project and helping form a better picture to our customers (and everyone else!) of what we do. I’m sure I’m not the only one who started at Jisc not really knowing what we do and although I know now (I think!), I’m looking forward to working on further connecting the dots of the exciting and varied work that Jisc does.

When I’m not geeking about at work, I’m geeking about at home, riding around on my other half’s motorbike, baking brownies and trying to get my Rubik’s cube time to under two minutes…

By Vix Reeve

Content designer in the Jisc communications team.

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