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While running quite a few big projects* we’re also busy keeping the main Jisc website up to scratch.

We’ve been working with internal teams to test and revise the IA of the site, in particular how we group our products and services. We’ve run public tree tests before and found them to be fantastically useful – though they do raise lots of questions. For that reason, this time Nomensa are running facilitated sessions alongside the online test. This way we should get some qualitative insight alongside the numbers.

If you’d like to get involved then do have a go, and help us keep as usable as possible.

* Some other bits that we’re up to:

  • Our shared pattern library and guidance for all Jisc sites
  • Migrating thousands of pieces of content from our array of websites into one place
  • Rebuilding to provide self-serve tools, and deliver single sign-on for Jisc’s services

We will definitely, probably, eventually, get around to blogging in more detail about these. Promise.

By Richard West

Digital content and user experience manager in Jisc's group web team.


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