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Digital content and user experience manager in Jisc's group web team. @rvwest

Tweaking the IA

Help us improve the information architecture of take our tree test While running quite a few big projects* we’re also busy keeping the main Jisc website up to scratch. We’ve been working with internal teams to test and revise the IA of the site, in particular how we group our products and services. We’ve run public tree tests before … Read more

IWMW 2014 – Content strategy

If you’re heading to Newcastle later this week for IWMW 2014 then do grab me and say hello. I’ll be up there with David Cornforth running a workshop on content strategy. We’ll be looking at practical tools and steps to help you get (and keep) your content focused on the user’s (and organisation’s) needs. We’ll … Read more

This week’s user testing

We put a lot of time, effort, thought and passion into how our new site turned out. There are features we argued for strongly. Design decisions we all agreed were essential. Labels that resonated so beautifully it amazed us they’d never been used before. And then we tested them with real people. If visitors don’t … Read more