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Notes from the future

A few highlights from my first Future of Web Design which I attended on Tuesday 8 April 2014. “the best work you do may well be on a sketch pad” Paul Adams (@Padday) claims we’re all too often restricted by current tools, parameters and what we think is in the realm of the possible. In […]

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Ongoing developments

As most of you know, we’re busy pushing on with phase two of the Jisc website redevelopment, which focuses on the R&D section. But while this is taking place, we’re also working hard to keep the shine on the you see now. Our wishlist We have a long list of developments for our site. […]

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Responsive in action

Thanks to Paul Stokes (@PuckOfPooksHill) for capturing this display at the recent Handheld Conference in Cardiff. Nice to see our responsive site being so… responsive!

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Sprint finish

Remember remember the month of November. I will. It’s been a busy one. And it’s not over yet. This month we’ve had an above-average number of brilliant but meaty projects come our way. There’s been new pages to represent all 21 projects to emerge from the Summer of Student Innovation. We built a hub to […]

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Image info boxes

During the creation of the site lots of ideas came and went. Two of the little ones I’m pleased I pushed for were a ban on landing page carousels and the image info box. Out of stock Very early on @bash had the fantastic idea of making use of our own content on the site. We […]

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This week’s user testing

We put a lot of time, effort, thought and passion into how our new site turned out. There are features we argued for strongly. Design decisions we all agreed were essential. Labels that resonated so beautifully it amazed us they’d never been used before. And then we tested them with real people. If visitors don’t […]