IWMW 2014 – Content strategy

If you’re heading to Newcastle later this week for IWMW 2014 then do grab me and say hello.

I’ll be up there with David Cornforth running a workshop on content strategy. We’ll be looking at practical tools and steps to help you get (and keep) your content focused on the user’s (and organisation’s) needs.

We’ll also be exploring strategies (both from our experience, and that of the audience) to tackle the pitfalls and barriers that you might face.

If you’re not booked on our workshop but have an unnatural interest in content, then we’ll also be having an mini content meet-up on Thursday evening*.

See you there.

*The Hancock Pub after the drinks reception

By Richard West

Digital content and user experience manager in Jisc's group web team.


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Content strategy is a higher-level business activity than content marketing. Content strategy is the roadmap that guides your content marketing. It’s the decision making that underlies whom your content will impact, how your content will cut through all the noise, and the desired outcomes. In addition, it involves defining content success.

On the other hand, content marketing is the process of organizing, scheduling, creating, publishing, and promoting content pieces. Content marketing is the tactics that follow from the content strategy.
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