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Towards a new Jisc website

Jisc watchers will know that the organisation is going through a major reorganisation at the moment. There’s loads of information about this on the Jisc website so I won’t attempt to badly summarise it here (the news article, “JISC announces new structure to reshape for the future“, is a good place to start). The new … Read more

Services section revamp

We’ve revamped the Services section of the JISC website. As well as improving the look and feel, we’ve tried to make it easier to browse the range of services that JISC offers and quickly identify the services offered by our principal providers, such as JISC Advance or Edina. The content and structure of each service … Read more

5 month roundup

Tumbleweeds rolling through this blog the last few months. No coincidence really that my last post coincided with the departure of Kerry from the team, bringing the grand total to … well, me. So it’s been firefighting, stopping things falling off the website and covering Kerry’s role as best I could these last 5 months, … Read more