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JISC Mobile is live: what do you think?

We have today launched JISC Mobile, a cut-down version of the JISC website, optimised for mobile use. The site contains recent content that users are likely to want to access whilst on the move, such as news items or podcasts. It doesn’t contain all the content on the JISC website and links are provided on […]

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Thinking about digital strategy

I’ve been thinking a lot about digital strategy over the past couple of months as we get our digital communications plans together for the next year or two. It’s very hard, and I can see why many digital teams don’t have an explicit strategy document that they wave proudly around at anyone that asks. The […]

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The JISC Digital Communications Team blog is dead…

The JISC Digital Communications Team blog is dead. Long live the JISC Digital Communications blog. This started out as a team blog, with the aim of keeping people up to date with our work and our thoughts. However, as digital now permeates so much of what we do as a Comms team, from events, through […]

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CMS procurement: Time for open source?

I attended the Plone in Business seminar this week, organised by Netsight as part of the annual Plone conference, being held this year in sunny Bristol. To be honest, I didn’t learn an awful lot about Plone but it was a very useful afternoon as there were some good speakers on the procurement process for […]

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Changes to JISC website – phase 1

All been very quiet on the blogging front for a while. That’s because we’ve had our noses to the grindstone doing this… We’ve made some changes to the JISC website that went live today. This is an evolution of the existing site, not a massive revamp, and is phase 1 of a series of changes […]

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Highlights of #iwmw10

I have just returned from the Institutional Web Managers Workshop (IWMW), held at the University of Sheffield. This was my 6th IWMW (sheesh, how time flies) and I always enjoy the event. It’s not always directly relevant for my role in the JISC comms team but it’s the principal gathering for webbies in the sector […]

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Iteration 4 of JISC website prototype now available for comment

I wrote about this project in my previous post. We’ve now moved onto iteration 4 of the JISC website prototype. If you’d like to give us some feedback, we’d happily receive it.

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Shifting focus of the JISC website

We’ve been considering a shift in the focus of the JISC website over the past few months, to better reflect the new JISC strategy and our own Communications and Marketing team strategy. In essence, this means we now want to reach beyond the ‘traditional’ JISC audiences (e.g. librarians, e-learning professionals and Heads of IT) and […]

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JISC Involve multi-feed

I have posted before about the social media widget on the JISC homepage. For a while, I have wanted to get an aggregated feed from JISC Involve as a ‘source’ for the widget and a module on the social media page. JISC Involve is a WordPress blogging platform provided by JISC for the community and […]

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JISC website user evaluation 2009

We made some fairly big changes to the JISC website last year, including the ability to navigate JISC activity by topic, homepage customisation and enhancements to site search. Last Autumn, we asked Pure Usability to conduct an evaluation of the website with a focus on these changes; this comprised an online survey, some user testing […]